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International Events

The EWMD International Conferences on interesting future-oriented topics are one of the highlights of the network. The conferences in demonstrate the top quality level of EWMD events which are distinguished by state-of-the-art topics and innovative structures. The aim of the International Conference is to raise awareness of the importance of gender diversity in business. It is focused on giving active support to what women can do themselves to break stereotypes and barriers, and proposes positive models to young generations. The driving force for all EWMD members is to have a global society free from prejudice and ready to respect curious, bright and determined women at eye level.

EWMD International Conference 2018

"Corporate Social Responsibility: Distracting Commitment or Sustainable Leadership?"

5-7 October 2018 in Vilnius / Lithuania

Corporations can take responsibility for their impact on society and environment. Corporate Social Responsibility strategies CSR strategies encourage the company to have a positive influence on the environment and stakeholders including consumers, employees, investors and communities. How can creative leadership fulfil the changing demands of today’s world? What sustainable and durable choices and operations are applied to satisfy stakeholders and society needs by staying ahead of the competition, achieving business growth and positive result in the future?

An international audience discussed these questions from different perspectives and approaches in October 2018. The three days of conference were full of intense dialogues and networking in the wonderful surrounding of the Lithuanian capital.


EWMD 30th Anniversary 2014

In more than 30 years of meeting, sharing and engaging EWMD has consistently been ahead of the trend. From the outset, we lobbied for women in leadership roles in business and universities, commissioning research and offering professional role models to young women. Equality remains a core goal yet, while some limit their demands to quotas, EWMD argues for diversity of all kinds – gender, nationality, ethnicity, background, experience.
To mark its 30th anniversary in 2014, EWMD honoured former European Commission Vice-President and Member of the European Parliament Viviane Reding with the “She made a difference” award for her outstanding engagement for gender and diversity. The award ceremony was framed by an intensive discussion on the topic “Diversity beyond quota”. Participants joining via video live stream from around the world also tweeted plenty of contributions to the debate. Several international EWMD chapters organised parallel regional events with live transmission from Brussels – the first time the network has tried a global communication linkup of this kind. 
Brussels journalist Jacki Davis who chaired the debate summed up the evening succinctly: “It is not enough to come together internationally; together we also have to find ways of positioning the subject of diversity better. EWMD should use its capacities and resources more effectively and more actively to get more women into management roles. That will only work if women support one another, including in business.”

Upcoming conferences

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EWMD International Conference 2019 in Vienna from 11-13 October 2019

Past conferences

EWMD International Conference 2018: "Corporate Social Responsibility"

EWMD International Conference 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania, from 5-7 October 2018

EWMD Deutschlandkonferenz 2018 "EINMAL ANDERS"

EWMD Deutschlandkonferenz 2018 vom 24.-26. August in Hamburg

EWMD International Conference 2017: "Brave New Media World" - a subject of daily challenges

22-24 September 2017 in Ingelheim / Germany

EWMD International Conference 2016 "Shaping our future - history is our strength, future our horizon" in Bardolino, Italy

EWMD Germany Conference 2016 "Management 4.0: Man or Machine?" in Essen

EWMD International Conference 2015 in Istanbul "Diversity in Business Life: Cimpliance Factor or Reason for Success?"

EWMD 30th Anniversary Event 2014 in Berlin

EWMD International Conference 2013 in Brescia "Citizenship and Diversity in multicultural Europe"

EWMD International Conference 2012 in Mayrhofen "Making Social Innovation Happen"

EWMD International Conference 2011 in Hamburg "Shaping the Future! Sustainable Leadership and Green Content"