European Women on Board (EWoB)

“European Women on Board” (EWoB) is a European wide non-profit organization which was founded 2013 in Brussels. The vision of EWoB is to create a unique network of first tier associations from all over Europe that work towards the same purpose: a balanced representation of women on boards of directors. Operationally, the network targets to increase the supply of women for non-executive director (NED) positions when vacant board positions are being staffed. From October 2016, a pool of talented board-ready women with the profile to fill transnational directorship’s positions in Europe is set up. It is open to corporates and companies so that they can find female board members with the right competencies and skillsets for the board positions they have to offer. Strategically, EWoB participates actively in the debates on how diversity can contribute to improved corporate governance and innovative and more competitive business models. For more information please look at: