Ernst & Young

Who we are

Ernst & Young is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. Worldwide, 167.000people are united by shared values and an unwavering commitment to quality in over 140 countries.

Ernst & Young makes a difference by helping its people, its clients and its wider communities achieve their potential. Our organizational set-up as a globally integrated network of professionals in the assurance, tax and advisory services industry gives us and our clients a deep pool of talent and experience to draw upon. This potential comes to life, when we leverage our diversity through an inclusive culture and leadership style.

Diversity and Inclusiveness (D&I) is a Global Priority

Ernst & Young is a globally integrated professional services firm. We operate in a global economy where multicultural (and often virtual) teams are the norm rather than the exception.  Structural and organizational integration across cultures and continents requires people with a global mindset and a workforce with a deep appreciation for diverse cultural background. We are focused on developing individuals with the capacity to adapt to different domestic and cross-border contexts and collaborate effectively with clients and colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds.

At Ernst & Young, diversity is about valuing difference. It’s about the "mix" - the visible and non-visible similarities and differences between people in terms of gender, age, physical and mental abilities, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, work-life models, competencies and skills, experiences and education, views and perspectives. Inclusiveness is about making the "mix" work; enabling an environment where everyone feels encouraged and valued, part of the group, able to perform at their best and achieve their full potential.

Ernst & Young has made a long-term, strategic commitment to embedding D&I in its operations. It is positioned as one of our six global priorities. Our goal is to become a “leading organization in the way we think and act on diversity and inclusiveness, by shaping a distinctive, sustainable inclusive culture”.

Creating Gender Equity

Creating a level playing field for male and female employees and providing more women the opportunity to take on key leadership roles  in our organization is one of the 4 focus areas of our D&I strategy in GSA (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) and other regions. We strongly believe that our progress in creating Gender Equity is important to our workforce sustainability, our business performance and a critical proof point for our D&I commitment. This is why we focus on Gender Equity as we would focus on any other business opportunity: we baseline the status quo, we set targets, we define necessary actions, we track progress.

A portfolio of internal initiatives facilitates goal attainment. Initiatives include e.g.:

  • Sophisticated D&I Reporting – with a special focus on dedicated Gender Equity Reporting and Toolkits
  • Career Management – Managing  Women’s development, progression, career breaks and return to work
  • Women’s Leadership and Talent Programs – targeted at different organizational levels and career stages 

At Ernst & Young we also understand our role and responsibility in driving the broader discussions on gender equity and female participation in business and society. We see ourselves as an important strategic driver in reframing the gender debate. Through our research and programs, our active participation in national and international networks and organizations, we aim to drive the understanding of diversity as a strategic business imperative and leadership challenge. 

We are convinced: the issue of Gender Equity is one of the most important agendas and most significant opportunities for economies, societies and businesses in the 21st century.