Vilnius Business School


Vilnius Business College is a medium size, non-profit private organization having over 20 year of experience in providing higher education as well as formal and informal education. The main target groups are secondary school graduates and working adults, unemployed, and socially vulnerable groups (i.e. disadvantaged, migrants, disabled, seniors, etc.). The College also provides training for people who already have some work experience or acquired certain education or training and decided to either renew their competence and skills, or to acquire knowledge and qualification in new areas. 

Vilnius Business College offers full-time (3 year) and part-time (4 year) study programmes in Philology, IT, Management and Business Administration. Professional teaching staff with an extensive experience ensures the excellence of studies and students experience.

Vilnius Business College pursues innovative teaching practices. A range of study courses are delivered applying project-based methods. The College also has enhanced English teaching level and offers to study other foreign languages, such as German, Russian, Spanish, French, Swedish or even Chinese. Chinese and Swedish languages are particularly relevant to students who choose the following study programmes: Applied English Language, Hospitality Industry and Transport Business Management.

Foreign IT service providers which have established their subdivisions in Lithuania, have created many new work places, and will continue doing so in the near future. Gaming takes a significant part of the ICT market. In order to contribute in preparation of IT specialists, the College offers the following study programmes: Media and Computer Games, Programming and Internet Technologies or Mobile Technologies and Security as it is believed these professions will continue to be the most marketable ones. 

The College quality management system (QMS) is based on the following principles of combination of ISO 9001:2008 and the European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence Model (EFQM) systems.