FAQ: Member profile

Here you find questions and answers concerning "member profiles".

Some information in my member's profile is missing or not up-to-date or I want to delete some information. What can I do?

Please log into the system using your login name or your email address and find the button “Edit my profile” located on the right side of the member’s dashboard. Click through the sections: “Personal information”, “Professional information”, “Addresses”, “Company”, “Networking” and “Other Profiles on the Web”. You can update information in each section. At the end please click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

If you forgot your password or if you have not logged into the new EWMD.org website yet, please refer to the section “Logging into the system” in the user manual.

Who can see my member's profile?

All EWMD members can see your complete member’s profile including your email address, phone numbers and the date of birth. Your profile is not available to the public and to the guests. If there is information about you that you do not want to share with other members, please remove it from your member’s profile.

I have problems while editing my member's profile, who can help me?

Please contact your regional or national webcoach to get support in using the member profile features.
If the webcoach can not solve your problem or your question is about restricted data please contact the following persons: