This is Community

This is Community

Top executive coaches Dorothea Assig and Dorothee Echter surveyed their own business community to see what members first thought of when they heard the word “community”.

Here are the results, mostly translated from German:

"Belonging, commitment, shared values, identity, making a contribution, feeling of support, exclusivity, caring, original, motivated, mindful, unique, networked and networking, interested, “yes” to values and ethics of community, connecting, relaxation and tension, personal, strong, emotional, added value, social, distance, closeness, emotional support, creativity, more than the sum of its parts, diversity, faith in God, warm-heartedness, courage to face life, growth, space for personality, dignity, cheerfulness, people, attentiveness, response, reputation, inspiration (through curiosity), esteem (through respect), experience (through exchange), pleasure (through people), growth (through insight), knowledge (through experience), self-realisation (through encounter), solidarity, emotion, common goal or experience, many jigsaw pieces, separation from others, US TV series, meeting new interesting people, openness, care, stability, difference, esteem, generosity, learning mode, strong ego, contact, online community, feeling of solidarity, group, harmony, affinity, common interests, intimacy, recognition, diversity, inclusion, synergies, living diversity, respect/esteem, cooperative creation, feeling connected/islands in hectic everyday life, networking, value creation, backing, connection, stability/support, certainty of action, honest answers, exchange of information, kindred spirits, cohesion, good wishes, ambition, style, calmness, lightness, new perspectives and paths, colour in everyday life, home, advice, motivation, listening, giving confidence, individuality, success, knowledge, opinion forum, power, return, new business world, swarm intelligence, speed, acceptance, participation, awareness of/attitude towards life, gives energy, requires time, awakens creativity, is fun, extends range of vision, strengthens team, fosters success, V for valuable: everyone is equally valuable – community too! I for interesting: meeting of many perspectives! R for rich: meetings on an equal footing are enriching! S for symphonic: playful harmony has great sonority! I for initiative: community causes and supports ideas! N for new: repeatedly experiencing oneself and others anew! L for lasting: community carries (on) over time! [in German spells “wir sind” – “we are”], (intellectual) fertilisation, exchange, being able to understand relevant new things, finding and fostering talent, initiation, rites and rituals, using others’ brains and being used, giving opportunities, strength, fun, perspective, meeting, sympathy, equal footing, exchange, security, future, confidence, curiosity, development, values, friendship of the heart, attitude/self-possession, will, business soul, honesty, reliability, honest interest in others, attentiveness, association, family, team, congregation, backing, trust, Facebook, happiness/good fortune, laughter, expanse, passion, empathy & sympathy, interest, admiration, warmth (sometimes also due to friction…), encouragement, pleasure, experiencing, learning, exchange on an equal footing, encounter and relationship, interest and presentation, respect and response, seeing and wondering, experiencing oneself, esteem and effect, listening and belonging, feedback, inspiration, poise and ability, friendship, satisfaction and thankfulness towards oneself and others for achievements so far, common projects, interesting contacts full of exciting and enriching encounters, new jointly acquired insights, standpoint, respect, regard, cooperation, being networked, reach, enrichment, viral, thankfulness, celebrating, it is more blessed to give than to receive, generosity, sharing, reflecting/mirroring, encouraging, extending, inspiring, impulse, intelligence, intuition, interactive, interdisciplinary, international, responsive influences, free space for thoughts, transmission/transfer impulse, sherbet atmosphere, natural sincerity, contagious confidence in success, long-term effect, network, thanks, courtesy, invitation, celebrating, happiness, zen spirit, courage, here and now, qi, out of the box, source of inspiration, celebrations of life, bearers of the light, community of values, solidarity, power hotspot.


“The more we treat other women with respect, the more we value what they have achieved, the more we let them shine, the more we celebrate their successes, the more important they will be for all of us,” wrote Dorothea Assig back in 2005, in an article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on the new female pioneers. “It is new for us to feel that we have influence as a group and to behave accordingly, just as the experience of celebrating women publicly is new. We are still practising.”

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