EWMD Reggio Emilia ..... and they became actresses....

EWMD Reggio Emilia ..... and they became actresses....


A THEATER PIECE "MATERNO AGIRE" (acting maternally) ... with the EWMD Reggio Emilia members 


”Materno Agire”   that is to say the energy that women use and spread in elaborating the wishes and needs of the people around them, in order to perfectly comply with them....; this theme was taken into consideration and examined and we fiound out that this can be typical of women but not only,....

On 7, 8, 9  April  2015 (with 4 performances a day) this piece was on at the Theatre Valli in Reggio Emilia.

Five female directors interpreted this theme in five different ways, “using” non-professional actors and actresses and the pièces were set up in five wonderful rooms inside the theater, where the audience (40 people max.) was in contact with the actors and actresses.

The members of   EWMD Reggio-Modena, have given their contribution to the  “mise en scène” of the Director Antonella Panini on the specific theme “ Auctoritas: Authors of a change”.  Some of us helped in writing the text through experiences of lived life, remembering and reflecting on the past, and all of us participated as actresses, preparing ourselves at a Theatrical Lab conducted by Antonella Panini


And then, Nadia Caraffi - Paola Ligabue - Alessandra Nunciati - Patrizia Manghi - Vera Madella and Luana Brini, with 7 more amateur-actresses welcomed the audience with a Carnatic song – the Indian song of delivering women – preparing the following scene based on several daily actions and a story, interlaced with a Board of Directors.


It was a wonderful experience!!





Paola Ligabue