Piero della Francesca in Reggio Emilia

Piero della Francesca in Reggio Emilia

On Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 6pm a guided tour to the exhibition PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA “Design between Art and Science” was held at the Palazzo Magnani exhibition hall. It was organized by CNA IMPRESA DONNA and CNA COMUNICAZIONE E TERZIARIO AVANZATO, the companies’ association compartments led by Paola Ligabue, also Treasurer of EWMD Reggio Emilia, and Giuliano Ferrari, Presidents of the two unions.

There are figures, in art history, that are bearers of such innovations that trigger a real revolution. One of these is for sure Piero della Francesca, around whom an air of mystery and enigma always hovered due both to really scant documents about him, and to the singularity of his expressive language that links in a perfect balance, the plasticity and the monumental nature of Giotto and Masaccio with an amazing capability of abstraction and suspension.

The exhibition (available until end of June 2015) introduces the figure of the great Master of Sansepolcro in his double role of drafter and great mathematician. For the occasion Palazzo Magnani, extraordinary fact for the first time in the last five hundred years, will host the entire graphic and theoretical corpus of Piero della Francesca. This involves the seven models, in Latin and vernacular language, of the De Prospectiva Pingendi (preserved in Bordeaux, London, Milan, Paris, Parma, Reggio Emilia), the two Abacus codes (Florence), the Libellus de quinque corporibus regularibus (Vatican City) and Archimede (Florence).

An event not to be missed, of international significance, that will allow to understand the expressive language of Piero della Francesca and to decode the reading codes of his work, casting new light on an artist that transformed science into art and managed to influence the first Nine hundred Avant-garde and the Metaphysical painting.



Paola Ligabue