EWMD Turkey: Promising Developments

EWMD Turkey: Promising Developments

An ‘EWMD Introduction and Networking “ event took place on the 29th of March welcoming over 60 participants to the Moda Sea Club, Istanbul. After having ‘Why EWMD’ speeches by Board Members Gamze Citiroglu, Seda Karakaya, Gamze Bagci, our member Asli Gurocak and our former president Handan Armagan, Tanju Cepheli gave a welcoming speech. Introducing EWMD national and international activities, Esra Yaman Gunduz informed our guests about the aim of EWMD as an association and our principals.

We also had a guest speaker, Guler Kazmacı, a government prize winner on diction, a trainer for 25 years and a former tv commentator gave us a great speech on ‘Great speaking in Business Life’.

Many guests interested in becoming a member of EWMD also came our April meeting, 5 of them actually signed up for June! 

Our ‘EWMD Talks – Where did I fail?’ event is initiated by our networking committee, and took place on the 2nd of June with over 40 participants at Moda Sea Club, Istanbul. The ‘Where did I fail?‘ talks attract women in business who are willing to learn from the failures and real life stories of successful business women. Our guest speaker, Sanem Oktar, is the new president of the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey, an active business woman, founder of Peppers & Rogers Turkey as well as Tribal & directCom, and  a mother of two lovely daughters. Sanem Oktar kindly shared her challenging career path along with her biography, her feelings and experience of life which is highly appreciated by our members and appreciated guests.


Esra Yaman Gunduz