EWMD goes Verona

EWMD goes Verona

Women leadership, special stories of ordinary women - the first meeting dedicated to professional women of Verona was held on Wednesday, May 25th at Masi Tenuta Canova at Lazise on Lake Garda.

During the evening, four successful women who experience leadership in their daily working lives, engaged the numerous participants in stimulating conversation. Through their life stories, Alessandra Boscaini, Sales director of Masi,  Francesca Fertonani, architect specialized in design for all, Silvia Nicolis, president of Museo Nicolis and Lamacart Group and Stefania Montemezzi, director of Radiology University Hospital of Verona, managed to convey the key messages for women looking to pursue their goals and their dreams with determination, passion and courage.

Thanks to EWMD, it was not just an evening of listening. Daniela Bandera, who moderated the meeting, held an interactive way of being together, to learn how the leadership ingredients can combine with the multiple aspects of our everyday lives.


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