You are Full of Power: Women's personal success factors in becoming leaders in male-dominated environments


You are Full of Power

Women's personal success factors in becoming leaders in male-dominated environments

Male archetypes of leadership and cultural adversities make it complicated and hinder women to achieve and keep leadership positions i n male - dominated organizations. For women who are already on their way to obtain leadership - positions it is essential to be self - aware and deeply self - reflexive on their own personality. They further profit from understanding the systematic difficulties wo men enc - ounter when aiming for a career . This is a prerequisite and basis on which they then can successfully apply a framework of differences between men and women and develop personal coping strategies.

You will

  • become aware and achieve skills to use the chances of multi-perspective cooperation
  • understand dynamics in mixed teams
  • be able predict the ‘glass-ceiling’ – the invisible professional barrier women encounter
  • realize highlighted approaches that make women successful in leadership positions and how they cope with the exposition women experience in top - positions in general
  • to understand possible achievements as well as risks of offensive, defensive and subversive behaviors in dealing with career obsta cles and barriers
  • st art developing personal strategies to successfully lead or per form within a diverse workforce
  • to be succes sful especially in applications and other negotiation themes.

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12/10/2017 - 09:00

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12/10/2017 - 17:00
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