Webinar "Digital transformation: opportunities to create new business models" with Elisabeth Grebe


With the help of digital technologies, digitalization is changing almost every aspect of our society (so-called digital transformation). Increasingly, old business logic is called into question and replaced by new ones. If you look at the market capitalization of companies (this represents the future economic success), even today many "digital" companies (eg facebook, google) achieve higher ranking than "analog" companies (eg Daimler). New companies are therefore predicted on the stock market a better future than old companies.

In order for digitization to take place and digital business to establish itself with digital processes, digital consumers and "smart products", data is required. They represent the basis for individualized services. With them, the product is increasingly becoming a service carrier (eg smart watch). Ultimately, these enable new business models in the digital context. Amazon, for example, was able to evolve from simple online shipping to a "everything as a service" provider.

Companies that are seeking opportunities in an era of constant customer connectivity focus on two complementary activities: reshaping customer value propositions and transforming their operations using digital technologies for greater customer interaction and collaboration.

The webinar points out that businesses aiming to generate new customer value propositions or transform their operating models need to develop a new portfolio of capabilities for flexibility and responsiveness to fast‐changing customer requirements.

Engaging with customers at every point where value is created is what differentiates a customer‐centered business from one that simply targets customers well. Customer interaction in these areas often leads to open collaboration that accelerates innovation using online communities.

The webinar will be held by Elisabeth Grebe, EWMD member from Switzerland. She is a dynamic management professional with deep knowledge in procurement management disciplines based on international standards and with more than twenty years´ experience in procurement and consulting and since five years with a Diploma as Systemic and Business Coach.

Date start

15/03/2018 - 17:00

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15/03/2018 - 18:00
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