Membership of EWMD is open to women and men in management, executive or entrepreneurial positions in business, science, politics and culture, whether employed or self-employed.

Why become a member?

 In times of great change in the world of business and management, professionals need to achieve a better life balance. You may find our network valuable if:

  • you are a manager, or intend to work in management
  • you provide consultancy advice or training in the field
  • you carry out research in the management development area

Whether you are a woman or a man, whatever your professional background, and whatever stage you have reached in your career, EWMD can offer you a platform to develop your contacts, your knowledge base and your professional results.

  • EWMD provides you with new points of view and cultural insights and allows you to turn your ideas into projects by having access to worldwide resources.
  • EWMD provides opportunities for friendships and business contacts around the world.
  • EWMD provides you with the opportunity to share your expertise and knowledge and to benefit from that of other members.
  • EWMD provides you with opportunities to try out something new and gain experience.
  • EWMD provides visibility and credibility for women in management.

If you join EWMD you will become a member of your national chapter and, if there is one, of the regional group where you live or work. In parts of the world with no national chapter your membership will be of EWMD International only. Every member of a local group and/or national chapter is automatically a member of EWMD International e.V. and every member can attend and vote at EWMD International’s General Meeting.

Your commitment

Being a member of EWMD involves a commitment to other members and to our vision and objectives. That means participating, sharing and contributing. Members who put something into the network are the ones who get the most out of their involvement. 

Our network is only as strong as our relationships within the network and our commitment to the network. Relationships created within the EWMD network can add quality, flexibility and innovation to your life if you are an active networker. 

All EWMD work is voluntary and you will find that there are plenty of opportunities to get actively involved at a local, national or international level.