Enrichment through diversity

EWMD brings together women and men in all kinds of management, executive or entrepreneurial positions in business, science, politics and culture, whether employed or self-employed. Although status or achievements are valued, even more weight is given to personal and social commitment to EWMD’s principles, which include recognising the potential that diversity has for business, society and private lives and striving for equal representation of women and men in positions of responsibility.

EWMD members have a wide range of experience and expectations (graphic adapted from a concept by Ulrike Wahl, EWMD Germany e.V. AGM 2011)

The principle of diversity is reflected in EWMD activities. “Learning Journeys” are a signature feature of EWMD. They offer members the chance to learn about new markets and societies different from their own. The Diversity + Inclusion Forum is a series of events giving corporate members the opportunity to share and present their activities to a larger audience of EWMD members and guests. The forum also features podium discussions around “hot topics”, where corporate members and renowned external experts share their insights.