Structure and organisation

Every EWMD member is also a member of EWMD International e.V., our central body. In addition, there are EWMD groups in about 40 cities worldwide, organised into national chapters and, in some countries, regional groups. EWMD’s strategy and work are coordinated by the International Board.

Membership of the International Board

The International Board is made up of the National Representatives, the EWMD Directors and the Management Board. All the board positions are voluntary and unpaid.

The Management Board consists of the two EWMD Presidents and the Treasurer, who are directly elected for two-year terms by the Annual General Meeting of EWMD International e.V. and are legally responsible for EWMD. Every EWMD member has voting rights at the AGM. 

The Directors are appointed for two years by the Management Board and confirmed by the AGM. 

Each national chapter with at least 10 members has a National Representative on the International Board. National Representatives are elected by the national chapter’s AGM.

Elections and appointments to the EWMD boards