This group serves as information and exchange platform for EWMD members who are interested in the actual and future challenge of integrating refugees in Europe.

During 2015 many EWMD members engaged in humanitarian help for those, who stranded in train stations, camps and on the streets  throughout europe in sometimes unacceptable conditions. Now as the continous stream is kept outside europes borders we find time for the inevitable discussion about different connected topics.

We will focus  on the situation of women and children, their situation and the requirement to find shelter, adequate employment and lead a life in dignity

Contactperson for the group will be Juliane Chakrabarti 



This group serves as information and exchange platform for EWMD members who are a member of a supervisory board and/or executive board - or are interested in becoming a member of such a board.

The topic of taking board mandates at an adequate time of our careers has engaged EWMD ladies earlier with research, networking and lobbying activities. We have now started to meet and exchange on this topic. It is a group of EWMD members who work in boards or are ready to stand up for election or invitation.

Numerous matters fall under a board responsibility and nobody can fit them all. This is why EWMD ladies offer to benefit from each other. It is the diversity and depth that our network offers. A series of topics has been prepared by our expert members. These topics reflect the multiple tasks a director needs to perform - from risk management topics via corporate culture to corporate strategy. The director´s role will be one focus of every session.

Group contacts: Kris Hauf and Gudrun Timm

can be reached via: