EWMD collaborates and cooperates with companies, initiatives, institutions and other networks striving for diversity in management and gender equality.



European Women on Board (EWoB) is a European wide non-profit organization which was founded 2013 in Brussels. The vision of EWoB is to create a unique network of first tier associations from all over Europe that work towards the same purpose: a balanced representation of women on boards of directors. Operationally, the network targets to increase the supply of women for non-executive director (NED) positions when vacant board positions are being staffed. EWMD International is officially part of EWoB Board and therefore EWMD members who want to become also members of EWoB can have a very special discount for first year EWoB's membership! Get in touch with our International Office for more details. 

The Global Female Leaders brings together high-achieving leaders from all over the world. It gives focus to new ways of thinking and presents aspects we think we already understand from a new and unfamiliar perspective. It covers a wide range of aspects, from the vital questions of the world economy to initiatives which demonstrate exemplary actions in times of crisis. The summit directs attention to new markets and fields of action for companies and regions, enables the joint exploration of visions and strategies, and extends the boundaries of previous knowledge.

GlobeWomen was conceived as the nexus at which all sectors public, private and non-profit would come together under the common vision of dramatically expanding womens economic opportunities globally through exchanges of working solutions and creative strategies forged by women leaders in different parts of the world. Through an annual forum, research, diversity roundtables and other programs, we seek to inform and promote women's economic advancement globally. The Global Summit of Women is a project of the GlobeWomen Research and Education Institute, a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., USA.

With more than 55.000 students, FOM University of Applied Sciences is Germany's biggest private institute of higher education. FOM offers professionals the chance to gain a state-recognised university degree without having to give up work or restrict their professional activity. Alongside professionals from all sectors of industry and with varying functions, trainees wishing to combine in-company training with a Bachelor degree course as part of a dual study programme also study at the internationally oriented university. EWMD Germany is cooperating closely with FOM in different regions.

ULA United Leaders Association, founded in 1951, is a confederation of fifteen professional associations representing about 60.000 managers in the German economy. These associations view themselves as both critical and constructive partners of the employers. The members associations most important service consists in offering assistance around the job before, during and after the professional career. These associations know the lines of business and the enterprises like nobody else does. The associations individual members receive professional support by means of both legal and extra-legal advice and assistance.

Businesswomens Association (BWA) is South Africas pre-eminent womens network with a national membership of over 5.000 South African businesswomen and entrepreneurs. It is more than a network it is the voice of women in business in South Africa. The BWA's mission is to promote opportunities that support, connect and grow women in business.

FEDEPE, the Spanish Federation of Women Directors, Executives, Professionals and Businesswomen, a state-approved organization that represents almost 26’000 women all over Spain united by common goals: to work for equality between men and women, to eradicate gender discrimination and to promote inclusive and sustainable female leadership models, especially in the workplace. In addition, through its accreditation as an advisory body to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), FEDEPE systematically contributes to achieving gender equality and women's leadership through its vision and experience, and is very present throughout Spain supporting institutions in the implementation of measures aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

A growing and diverse number of stakeholders are engaging to support women entrepreneurs across Europe. The European Gateway for Women‘s entrepreneurship WEgate is an e-platform launched by the European Commission to support this network. WEgate is not an organisation as such. It does not provide support services or advice, nor has commercial purposes. It is an online gateway to useful and inspiring information, mostly presented through a short description text and useful web links.

WomenTech Network is the world's largest community for women in tech with more than 4800 ambassadors representing 137 countries. The Network strives to increase gender diversity in the workplace to improve equality across all areas like representation, promotion, and equal pay. The Network‘s mission is to empower communities of talented and motivated women in tech through leadership development, professional growth, mentorship, and networking events to make a difference by building impactful and inclusive technology while introducing them to like-minded people, inspiring speakers and opportunities at leading companies and innovative startups that aim to create diverse teams and a culture of belonging.

The "Global Women Forum (GWF)" is a pioneering platform dedicated to fostering connections, collaboration, and empowerment among women worldwide, with a special focus on linking Arab female leaders with their counterparts across the globe. 
Our mission is to facilitate meaningful exchanges, build bridges, and create networks that transcend geographical boundaries and cultural differences. By bringing together women from diverse backgrounds and industries, including STEM, energy, and AI, we aim to harness the collective expertise and vision of female leaders to drive positive change on a global scale.
In addition to supporting established leaders, we are committed to empowering the next generation of female talent, including youth, by providing mentorship, educational opportunities, and resources for skill development. Join us in building a more inclusive, equitable, and interconnected world where women of all backgrounds can thrive and succeed.meaningful connections among women in STEM, energy and AI.