EWMD Activities

EWMD is a network which brings to life a community: including and inviting members and external persons, we constantly organize real and digital events, keeping the network alive by giving people opportunities to meet, learn and to share. Here are some of them:

International Conference

The annual EWMD International Conference with its interesting future-oriented topics is one of the highlights of the network. The conferences in demonstrate the top-quality level of EWMD events which are distinguished by state-of-the-art topics and innovative structures. In particular, the International Conference aims to raise awareness of the importance of gender diversity in business. It is focused on giving active support to what women can do themselves to break stereotypes and barriers and proposes positive models to younger generations. The driving force for all EWMD members is to have a global society free from prejudice and ready to respect curious, bright and determined women at eye level.

Networking Events

Give you the opportunity to share professional experience and establish business and private contacts.

Regional Themed Evenings

Focus on a specific topic with excellent internal and external speakers.

Learning Journeys

Offer members the chance to learn about new markets and societies different from their own. This kind of trip bring members together, helping to discover new places and to have interesting insights from their local business and institutional environment. It is also a great opportunity to gain new contacts for future collaborations and long-lasting friendships.

International groups

Collaborate regularly for the development of management and career topics.

Diversity + Inclusion Forums (D+I Forum)

Here we offer our corporate members the opportunity to share their activities and present them to a larger audience of EWMD members and guests.


We offer a range of valuable webinars and online dialogues.

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