Corporate Membership

EWMD is not only open to individual members, it also offers corporate membership!  

Any national or international company that feels in line with our core issues can become a corporate member. Around 20 global enterprises have already joined us!

If your company has a strong image in management or organizational issues which support women and men on an equal basis, you could benefit from becoming a corporate member.

Our corporate members offer their employees a neutral platform and local network to share experiences and find sparring partners. It is a kind of mentor and mentee model of giving and taking depending on age and experience. Being part of a local network structure offers more than knowledge and contacts. It creates a kind of "belonging" that women sometimes do not feel in a common business environment. 

Taking the opportunity to join as a company also means supporting an important global cause, which is giving people equal opportunities, which neither depends on gender, age, ethnicity, nor on cultural, sexual or political orientation. 

Additional benefits for corporate members include: 

  • Access to a neutral external platform for talented women in your company and a local network and community to share experiences with other successful women

  • A chance to position your company as a strong employer among talented and well educated women and men

  • Improving your company image while showing interest in societal issues such as more equal opportunities, creating future-oriented management and leadership models and looking for new career patterns for women and men

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Corporate Members