EWMD Forum

The newly founded chapter EWMD Forum is looking for you!  Why YOU?

  • You are a committed, successful, experienced and down to earth professional woman.
  • You love to share your experiences with other senior-level women, who are committed, successful and down to earth like yourself. 
  • You are open minded, genuinely interested in other women‘ careers and their professional development, willing to learn new things and explore unknown territories. 
  • You like to expand your horizon through and together with other like-minded people learning from each other through mutual, quality-driven exchange.
  • You value peer support such as knowledge transfer, exchange of experiences as well as mutual coaching and networking, as an inspiring form of professional and personal development.

Why EWMD Forum?

EWMD is a long-standing, successful European network of professionals from all areas of business, education, culture and politics, divided in national chapters and headed by an international board.

  • EWMD Forum is focusing on a cross-national knowledge transfer, with common themes at its centre, irrespective of regional or national background.
  • EWMD Forum is also meant to be a hub for all those international members without a national chapter that prefer a closer embedding into the EWMD network.  
  • EWMD Forum is committed in improving the representation of women in management at a national and international level, and therefore promotes female managers to reaching gender balance in management.
  • EWMD Forum enables quality-based exchange and further development of existing and upcoming themes. 
  • EWMD Forum will be organising roughly 4 discussion rounds (forums) per year that are held virtually or physically, depending on theme and the guest(s) availability. You are most welcome to take an active part within forums. 
  • EWMD Forum also allows for personnel and social exchange.

Interested? Keen to know more?  

Please get in touch with our president, Margrit-R. Meier, PhD.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Who is EWMD Forum?

Meet the EWMD Forum board here:

Margrit-R. Meier, PhD
EWMD Forum President

Maribel Rüegg-Hernandez
EWMD Forum Treasurer
[Detailed information to follow]

Mónica Lamas
EWMD Forum National Representative

Godela Tönnies
EWMD Forum Secretary
[Detailed information to follow]


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