Brussels Declaration

An European Manifesto

What world do we want to create for our daughters and sons?

We are: 

  • 9 organizations representing more than
  • 40 000 women all over Europe, with
  • 1 vision and goal: increasing gender equality throughout Europe

We represent women across Europe and we speak on behalf of European women. 

Following up on the Berlin Declaration in 2011, our Brussels Declaration is aiming to increase gender equality throughout Europe. This initiative strives for implementation and monitoring of gender equality in our political, institutional, economical and social life.

We want to start a discussion with the decision makers at the European level and be their sparring partners for:

  • Entrepreneurship and start-ups
  • Investment and funding
  • Equal responsibility for family related duties
  • Change of mindset driven by education

There have been a lot of improvements during the past decade. Still, the COVID-19 situation has shown us how quickly we revert to old role models and habits. We need to find a way to check what is missing through an analysis of cause and effect, to gather existing directives and monitoring systems, to improve them and connect them with a working sanctioning framework to make sure implementation is happening and follow-ups are in place.

There is still something to do!

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