The Future of AI is Female!

Great Event on October 24th 2023 at The Nine, in Brussels!

EWMD together with EWoB, FEDEPE, Collabwith, PWN Global, WEgate, WEP and Oxford Brookes University, take great pride in promoting women's empowerment, decision-making capacity, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and combating violence against women. Last year, we successfully launched the "Brussels Declaration," a European Manifesto endorsed by numerous institutions committed to these causes. The Brussels Declaration represents a collective effort to address gender disparities and advocate for inclusive policies and actions across all EU institutions. With this basis, we are your sparring partners when it comes to deciding the framework for Gender Equality in Europe.
Artificial Intelligence plays an increasing part in this framework, influencing more and more decision-making processes in our society.
AI can be a powerful tool to help us eliminating bias and stereotypes, to ensure an equal participation in all areas of our society and to promote equality and inclusivity.
Or, it can perpetuate the status quo, as the algorithms are relying on current data and would rather increase inequality, giving advice based on the current situation which would result in stabilizing the system as it is, even re-enforcing existing stereotypes and biases.Our recent event delved into the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in shaping a more inclusive future for women in Europe's digital landscape.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Gender Equality

The Brussels Declaration event on October 24th, 2023, in Brussels, delved into the transformative potential of AI and its role in shaping a more inclusive future for women in Europe's digital landscape. The event aimed to shed light on how AI can be harnessed to empower and uplift women across the continent.

The event's agenda was filled with exciting discussions and insights, featuring a high-profile panel, including Celine Caira, Kimberly A. Houser, Nadine Nembach, and Nanditha Raghavan. The speakers offered their valuable insights into the world of AI and its relationship with gender equality

The Road to Fair AI: Key Insights from the Event

  • Recognizing Unconscious Bias: Acknowledging the existence of unconscious biases formed an integral part of the event. It stressed the importance of self-reflection and continuous learning as means to overcome these biases. The commitment to fostering an environment free from bias and stereotypes was vital for the AI industry's growth.
  • Advocating Inclusive Language in AI: A crucial step in fostering a more equitable AI environment is the use of inclusive language. During the panel, we featured essential discussions on language that respects diversity and avoids perpetuating biases. Language's substantial role in shaping perceptions of AI and the opportunities it offers was emphasized.
  • Challenging AI Stereotypes: The event highlighted the significance of dismantling stereotypes associated with AI. Discussions revealed that women are actively challenging these stereotypes and making remarkable strides within the AI field. The evolving narrative around AI underscores that diversity plays a pivotal role in the sector's success.
  • Addressing AI Bias: One prominent topic was the imperative need to confront bias within AI. Conversations extended beyond data bias and delved into AI's broader societal implications. Particular concern was expressed about the existence of gender bias within AI systems. The event underscored the urgent need for change in this domain, emphasizing AI's potential as a force for positive transformation.
  • AI and Responsibility: During the panel it was emphasized that AI extends beyond cost-cutting or efficiency; it carries significant responsibilities. Speakers stressed that AI's role goes beyond automation and encompasses shaping a more equitable and inclusive future.
  • EU Legislation and AI: We could explore how EU legislation significantly impacts AI. Attendees delved into the evolving regulatory frameworks designed to encourage the responsible and equitable incorporation of AI technology. The pervasive theme emphasized the importance of creating a framework that supports AI's responsible integration.
  • AI and the Next Generation: Empowering young women and showcasing the myriad possibilities within AI were recurring themes. Statistics indicate that an increasing number of women are pursuing AI studies, promising a brighter future. The event underscored the importance of addressing social issues and creating welcoming environments to attract more women to the field.

Let's keep shaping a better future for all!

The "Future of AI is Female" event marked a significant milestone in the journey toward gender equality in Europe. With the Brussels Declaration as its guiding light, EWMD and its partners continue to drive change, advocating for an inclusive digital transformation where AI serves as a tool for empowerment and equality. 

The commitment to women's empowerment, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, and combating violence against women remains unwavering. The event exemplified the potential for a future where AI empowers and uplifts women across Europe, breaking down barriers and fostering a more equitable society.

Thank you to all those who contributed to this incredible evening. Let's continue to work together and shape a brighter future for all, breaking down gender barriers and fostering equality.

Special Thanks to our Speakers and Moderator: