Mónica Lamas

What is your role at EWMD?

As of October 2020, I am a co-founder and member of the board of the new Chapter EWMD Forum and its National Representative on the International Board.

What is your background?

Born as daughter of Spanish emigrants in Switzerland, but always sensitive to other cultures and people. I hold a M.A in law and Certificates in Advanced Studies in Liability and Insurance Law and in Occupational Pensions Law. Growing up in a multilingual country and because my passion for languages I am fluent in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

My career so far has allowed me to gain experience in both the judicial and legal fields as well as in consulting. As Head Legal & Compliance, I am currently a member of the management Board of one of the largest collective foundations in Switzerland.

In my work as a lecturer at a technical college I cultivate the exchange with the next generations.

As member of a Board of Trustees I support a public pension fund with my experience.

Gastronomy, travelling and art are other passions in my emotional portfolio.

 What was your motivation to join EWMD and why should others join?

Because it is the meeting point of knowledge and passion of so different and interesting women all over the world. It’s encouraging to see that our members achieve their careers despite facing different issues only because of their gender. It interests me to learn how every single woman makes the difference. But the most important thing is that all those women are willing to share, to motivate and to facilitate others. It’s a network of empowering and solidarity. Finally, it’s a network of challenging to enable you to take the next steps.

Beatrice Lusetti

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