Nadine Nembach

My story with EWMD started in 2018, when I attended the International Conference in Ingelheim. I was immediately impressed by a lot of things: the quality of the organization, speakers, workshops

However, what impressed me most were the women present. The multitude of occupations, interests, stories and nations. This has not changed ever since; it has intensified over my time being an EWMD member.

As a network only lives and thrives with active members, I have joined in a lot of activities since becoming a member:

  • Organization of the national conference Germany in Hamburg 2018 (concept + process team)
  • CM responsible for Bavaria together with Katrin Neuendorf
  • Big sister for new EWMD members
  • Organisation of local events chapter Bavaria (events, speakers, rooms, invitations )
  • E.g: Facilitation of the workshop "New Work Survival Kit - Resilienz mal ganz praktisch!" (Munich, 11.07.19)
  • Development of Mentoring Programme EWMD Bavaria (in progress)

It is an honour to work for EWMD international as International Co-President together with my colleague Tanju.

We are working on an intensive international communication and collaboration amongst EWMD members and in connection with other associations and companies.

As an international expert for leadership and customer delight, I travel the world for my customers. 34 countries and 68 nationalities so far.

When working with people I feel it is most important to find the flow that will enable them to tap their potential and find out what they are able to do as individuals as well as organizations.
Passion, energy and fun are prerequisites for this, and therefore some of the most important tools I use.

My background is a diploma in psychology. Being a trainer, coach, facilitator and speaker, I ease my customers path since more than 20 years on the way to (re-) discovering their golden thread.

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