European: Born in Europe, now EWMD is working to spread the good across the world, developing internationally, helping to enhance the potential that cultural diversity has for business, society and everyones private lives.

Women: EWMD fights for an equal representation of women and men in professional environments, especially in leading positions.

Management: EWMD supports a management culture based on trust, respect and reliability.

Development: EWMD demands and creates environments and opportunities that give people a space to develop their personalities and deal with challenges in total freedom.

International: EWMD is based on thinking and acting across borders, with no limits. We think creatively and act internationally.

Network: EWMD is constantly engaged in international dialogue, contributing to and profiting from the whole Network through global interaction and exchange.

EWMD aims to support womens careers in management and further develop the knowledge and skills of female executives on a national and international level.

The EWMD core issues are:

  • Equal opportunities for both men and women

  • Women occupying leading positions

  • Successful womens lifestyle and work-life balance

  • Leadership models and best practices

  • Management issues, corporate leadership

  • Knowledge and best practice exchange through networking

  • Rising awareness towards 30-80 life cycle

  • Role models with high potential

  • and many more!